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Offering intuitive readings and mediumship services with a trauma trained  lens to help you heal

Compassion Inquiry Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Energy Healing, Mediumship and More!

now offering Loving Heart Connections where I teach you how to connect to your loved ones in Spirit

 heal mind, body and soul



Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life 

Spiritual Coaching utilizing intuition,  compassion inquiry , art therapy and somatic therapy

 Welcome to your approachable healer, a unique trauma informed spiritual coaching service in Chicago. Take a look around, explore my site, and see what I can do for you.

Disclaimer of Liability:

Approachable Healer and Jenny Korotko do not hold themselves out as a medical doctor or healthcare provider of any sort.  This service is not to be confused with other services providers at Approachable Healer may provide in their other professional lives such as mental health counseling. This service is not a professional counseling session and when you book with Approachable Healer you are under the impression this is for entertainment purposes only.  When Jenny Korotko and/or an employee of Approachable Healer  is practicing as an intuitive reader, spiritual coach, reiki master, energy healer, compassionate theory coach, somatic touch healer or medium they are not diagnosing mental health concerns or offering medical advice. Modalities utilized for services are based on spiritual awareness, learning, knowledge and guidance and are not based on scientific evidence. All information provided should not be considered medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for your medical needs including mental health care.

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on heart cha

About Jenny

 I help guide through my spiritual beliefs, intuitive trainings, mediumship trainings, Shamanic healing trainings and trauma therapy certifications.


For readings: I have trained with local healers in the Chicago area, international psychics, international Shamans and at the College of Psychic Studies in London. 

For mediumship and connection to Spirit I utilize two approaches.  Loving Heart Connections is a 1 hour 40 min process where I teach YOU how to connect to Spirit and you can continue to practice on your own. Please read the description for further details. 


For coaching: I have a unique ability to support client's struggles that we may discover by utilizing my trauma informed expertise which includes art therapy, compassion inquiry and somatic experiencing trauma therapy .


The best part of our time together will be looking at what your life will be when you unblock some of the obstacles.  Get in contact with me today to see how we can begin working together.

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Our Team.

Jenny is a Spiritual Coach and Loving Heart Connection Facilitator. Jenny also works as an intuitive trauma healer utilizing multiple healing arts focused modalities. 

Loving Heart Connection 

Loving Heart Connections® was created by SPIRIT and given to Jane Vair Bissler, Ph.d.,LPCC-S, FT.  Dr. Bissler has taught a handful of facilitators, Approachable Healer included, who are now able to bring LHC to you.  This approach uses elements from Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help you learn how to make healing connections with those who are no longer with us on Earth. Loving Heart Connection is designed to help you connect to loved ones in addition to spiritual guides and even your higher self.  Loving Heart Connections® is known as a ONE AND DONE modality, meaning you will learn how to connect to the spirit world on your own. Many people practice on their own a few times a week and feel the healing benefits from being connected to spirit and loved ones.  This is a huge investment into your spiritual growth. 
The sessions are up to 150 minutes and the cost is $222. This life changing session is well worth your time and the cost.

LHC disclaimer: 

© 2021 May not be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without expressed written permission from the copyright owner: Clearing Your Soul, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

All information provided is not offered as medical or psychological advice or treatment and should not be considered medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for your responsible action in regard to physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues or symptoms and you should not stop taking medication without consulting your physician. Spiritual healing modalities, such as Loving Heart Connections®, can be used as an adjunct to a balanced, overall approach to health care and grief relief. Always seek the advice of a health care professional regarding any mental, physical, or emotional conditions, issues, or symptoms.


Energy reading, intuition coaching, space cleansing, and a healthier connection to your higher self

In a 50 min session we can look at your energy and listen to what your guides are telling us.  We can focus on any blocks that are revealed and discuss how to remove the blocks in order to be more connected to your life purpose. Feel stuck? Booking a session can help bring some answers.

In my reading, Jenny used her unique and focused gift of reading the layers of my aura.  The visions she saw affirmed some things I already felt or knew but then she had new messages that went deeper and were extremely insightful.  She could see the areas where I was blocked, why I was blocked and how to move forward.  She is a wonderful soul who has the ability to channel messages from the energies surrounding us.  I would highly recommend Jenny and her unconditional Loving Spirit she brings to her readings.

Char A

“The insights and guidance Jenny has given as she combines her “other world” senses with her extensive therapeutic knowledge in our professional supervision sessions have lead to many breakthroughs with my clients. I highly value her!”

Amy H

The reading I had helped me move some of my grief. I lost a lot of loved ones within a year and was struggling with that.  Jenny helped me connect with the grief energy without feeling overwhelmed by it.  I learned a lot about my strength, my own intuition and ability to connect with those who passed on.  I feel lighter.  Jenny doesn't advertise mediumship but I believe she was talking to my loved ones. The things she mentioned were so on point.


Nothing can adequately describe the feeling of being truly seen by someone with a
compassionate heart. I met Jenny about one year after my father’s passing. Without my saying
a word, Jenny intuited that I was re-emerging from a difficult journey. Meeting with Jenny has
been incredibly healing and restorative. I am deeply grateful to have connected with my father
and other loved ones who have passed. Jenny has also helped me explore ways to navigate
challenging relationships and career issues. She listens non-judgmentally and provides insights
that point towards a productive path forward. I feel so fortunate to know Jenny and to benefit
from her profound gifts.

Kim 2022 reading


773 683 2781

Sunset in the Woods

"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"


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