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3 Day Retreat With Payment Plan

Weekend retreat Friday, April 28th -30th.

Everyone has a Belly Monster that needs healing.

This retreat offers creative, spiritual, and engaging ways to start the healing process 

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About The Retreat

Everyone has a belly monster but it doesn't have to be in control anymore. A belly monster is that childhood experience, that trauma in young adulthood, that awful thing that happened which lives in your somatic body ready to pop up and ignite that fight, flight, freeze or appease.  This weekend retreat will help you get to know your belly monster better in order to work with it vs. run from it. We will help you jump into Spring by starting your healing journey with a variety of creative modalities.  

Retreat Workshop Format

This is a day retreat format. Attendees will have evenings free.

The retreat is created by professional counselors and run by an eclectic group of healing experts. 

During the day, attendees can expect to move from each workshop together. Time is built into the schedule for group processing of insights and answer questions throughout the weekend. Smaller experiential activities, drum making, individual  Reiki, and connectography (An individual photography session of you experiencing  connecting), available as an adjunct on-site for an additional fee at registration.

We will provide tea, coffee and snacks. Breaks in the day allow for independent meal times. 

Room and board and full meals are not included in the registration fees.

Dress comfortably and prepared for multiple temperatures. We will be working inside and outside.

Modalities offered

The weekend retreat will be full of healing modalities that utilize the body and the creative center of the brain.  Art therapy, somatic therapy,  yoga therapy and so much more will be offered. 

Location and Travel

This retreat is located at UME studio 407 Wisconsin St, Eau Claire, WI

Ume is a studio that is focused on hosting shared experiences that cultivate a sense of well-being in Mind*Body*Spirit."

Accommodations: Otter Creek Inn, Airbnb's,  The Lismore hotel, and Oxbow Hotel are walking distant to the venue and down town.

Garden Furnitures

Belly Monster author and Retreat co-creator

​Jenny Korotko ATR, LCPC, SEP

Providing workshops on processing accidental core beliefs influenced by childhood wounds through art therapy, compassion inquiry, and somatic experiencing therapy. 


Retreat co-creator

Amy Hahn, ATR, LPC

Providing workshops through art therapy processing your belly monster, creative ways to engage the healing and ways to incorporate continued healing into daily living.

Workshop Practitioner

Sunrise Yoga and Yoga Therapy workshop

Christine Brudnicki, LPC, C-IAYT

 is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Yoga Therapist, educated at the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy. She feels fortunate to be able to provide psychotherapy and yoga therapy to individuals and families to help them move toward health and wellbeing. Christine’s psychotherapy practice continues to evolve along with her areas of interest, personal and professional development and growth, and has most recently incorporated yoga therapy to help balance mental health challenges and resolve trauma.

Micky Blue Stone

Providing workshops throughout weekend starting with a ceremony sage as you enter the retreat. There will be music, sharing circles, lectures on the wisdom of the tribes that once lived peacefully on the land the retreat will be held on and more

Workshop Practitioner

Slam poet, Author & Workshop Practitioner

Mighty Mike McGee

​Maker of laughs, poems & soup. Scrabble lover. Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Emeritus. Mike will be leading poetic journal workshops.


and event photographer

Rayya Haddad, BFA

Connectography is the idea of recording one's experience of connecting to something. It can be a re-connection or a new connection. As a photographer I orchestrate a collaborative experience with people and the camera plays the role of the witness.


Venus,  Reiki Master and Energy Conduit

Venus will be running a workshop providing group healing utilizing her Reiki and energy healing expertise.  This workshop is a great opportunity to accept healing and not have to do much of anything other than notice the healing energy. 

Workshop Practitioner


Belly Monster: The Retreat

3 day retreat starting Friday early evening with a  shamanic earth map experience. Come to Eau Claire, WI April 28th through the 30th.


 The weekend healing retreat called Belly Monster will feature some of the modalities that helped the author heal along with healing styles that align with body-based (or bottom-up) therapeutic modalities.  The weekend will be full of eclectic, culturally rich, healing rituals including a Shamanic earth map workshop, art therapy, somatic experiencing trauma therapy, compassion inquiry, Reiki, Shamanic journeying, and other spiritual healing modalities.  Belly Monster is a book written by a Chicago trauma therapist about her own recovery from tough-to-talk-about stories.  She found that common ways (counseling, group therapy, individual talk therapy) of healing weren’t helping long term.  The author went on a 7-year journey trying out and training in different ways of healing in order to finally heal her own ‘Belly Monster.’  The book is based on a fictional family but the stories of the multiple traumas the family members experience are inspired by true events, many lived by the author and some stories are inspired by her clients.

 Belly Monster hopes to feature a variety of musicians throughout the weekend as the message of healing is often felt strongest through music. If you are interested in offering some creative expression during a weekend healing retreat.

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