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Loving Heart Connection 

Loving Heart Connections® was created by SPIRIT and given to Jane Vair Bissler, Ph.d.,LPCC-S, FT.  Dr. Bissler has taught a handful of facilitators, Approachable Healer included, who are now able to bring LHC to you.  This approach uses elements from Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help you learn how to make healing connections with those who are no longer with us on Earth. Loving Heart Connection is designed to help you connect to loved ones in addition to spiritual guides and even your higher self.  Loving Heart Connections® is known as a ONE AND DONE modality, meaning you will learn how to connect to the spirit world on your own. Many people practice on their own a few times a week and feel the healing benefits from being connected to spirit and loved ones.  This is a huge investment into your spiritual growth. 

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